About NEFC

Dedicated to fashion

The Northern Europe Fashion Company covers and focuses on the Northern European countries i.e.; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the 3 Baltic nations.

The flagship brand is ARMANI and it will be accompanied by four new brands covering shoes, clothes and bags.

GRANDHOTEL Femme is a timeless woman’s line aimed at women who dresses for themselves. It is a ”total look” line covering trousers, jackets and shirts, etc.

2ndServe Trading Co. is cashmere for both women and men of highest quality in crisp design. The line primarily offers cardigans, knitwear and scarves.

ROCCAMORE is comfortable high heel shoes. It is redefining the concept of ”comfortable high heels” – and believe it or not, they are extremely sexy.

1969 by Hemmert is unique bags in many different sizes. From practical bags to elegant clutches in unique design and fine leather.